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What is Analyse It?

Analyse It is an easy to use SNMP network interface utilization, rate and error, graphical reporting tool. You can specify usage thresholds and add meaningful comments to the reports.



  • Plotting


    • Utilization, each value plotted is the total traffic that occurred for the last poll period, averaged out to bytes per second for that period. Use this for bandwidth utilization reports.


    • Rate, each value plotted is the total traffic that occurred during the last poll period in bytes. Use this to view the total volume of traffic per poll period.


    • Absolute, the value plotted is the current value returned from the SNMP query.
  • Time drift


    • Poll time compensation. Each poll is run at a five minute interval. Inter poll rest periods vary depending on the time taken to complete the previous poll. The rest period is calculated as follows:

                            Rest period = [300 seconds] - [time taken to complete last poll]


    • Missed poll calculation. If the poller is over subscribed, the rest period will be zero. The time period for the data flow calculation is the duration from the last poll to the current poll. The subsequent data calculation is plotted at the current poll time interval. Any missed time intervals prior to this are also set to this value.


  • Interface


    • Auto discovery. Interfaces are auto discovered and displayed in a tree view per device.


    • Friendly names. You can specify friendly names for each discovered interface


  • Historical data, is stored in append text files. Load this information into your favorite spread sheet application to graph and perform long term regressive progressive trend analysis.


  • Thresholds, customizable as a percentage per interface utilization, rate or absolute are displayed on the graphs. Individual error and discard thresholds values can also be configured.


    • Email notification. Threshold exceptions are automatically emailed  per poll interval. Customizable SMTP server and destination email address's.


  • OIDs


    • Customizable table OIDs 


    • Specific OIDs with mathematical calculations




  • This is release 2.0, July 2002